How To Walk in Ballet Boots

ballet bootsI first fell for ballet boots when I saw them in John Willie’s Bizarre. (Which I proudly own.) Recently I acquired a pair of my own. I have owned a lot of outlandishly beautiful heels in my day, but ballet boots are in a class all their own. When I have confessed to a few people that I am learning how to walk in them, they scoff, “oh those aren’t made for walking in!”

But I assure you, it is possible. Some tricks I have learned include:

  • cutting 5mm off the heels
  • keep your knees completely straight
  • pad the toes

You can shop for ballet boots and shoes here.

Watch this:

10 thoughts on “How To Walk in Ballet Boots”

  1. Slightly baffled as to why you would feel there was a need to actually stand up in footwear that looked this way….but impressed that you would go for it anyway!

  2. You can get toe pads at a ballet store. They come in foam premade and also lambswool wads which you mold to your toes. If you wear fishnets with these, I wore the padding on the inside of the stocking. *was a ballerina in a very young life.*

    Plus, be sure to lift your body from your chest and keep your back straight and tummy sucked in while walking. It helps the balance and also is good exercise for those muscles.

    If I get these I wouldn’t wear them out of the house. The mantoy would have me on my back in about 5 minutes. I’ll post a shoe pic and story on my Tumblr. You’ve inspired me.

  3. Although the straight knees might aid in walking be sure not to lock your knees when standing, its the fastest way someone will faint
    Rock on!

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