Sex Educator Sessions: The Practice of Being Trauma Informed

Each person you encounter arrives with a rich history and body and mind full of experiences. While it is impossible to understand the depth of positive and negative experiences every soul has encountered, there are profound (yet often subtle) ways to align your words and expressions that embrace the needs of those who may need you the most.

To help you become a more trauma-informed educator and presenter, Ducky will share what she’s learned in her years of working with adults, and with survivors specifically. She will share stories of her experiences on and off stage, including her triumphs and the hard won learning lessons that have helped her become a more trauma informed Sex Educator.

Together we will work through training exercises to help you assess the depth of your professional empathy. You will learn how to assess your current work, build new presentations with trauma awareness in mind, and feel more confidence and joy when talking with audiences, whether of one or one hundred. Our ultimate goal is to better care for those who cross our paths.


  • This class is groomed specifically for sex education presenters and public speakers with 2-3 years experience in sex education and public speaking (assess for yourself if you qualify)
  • Includes a 1.5 hour online learning event
    Includes support materials
  • Class size is limited to 20 participants.
  • Session costs $49.95. Buy tickets now.
  • Sliding scale tickets available. Email Ducky with your request, please indicate why you believe you qualify for a discount.

We suggest using a computer and internet connection to participate. You also have the option of participating by phone and may request a copy of the support materials after class. If you use your phone, long distance fees may apply.


Orgasm: In Six Words

(A little poem written by my readers, describing an orgasm in six words or less.)

Can’t orgasm after watching Breaking Bad…

I just can’t do it alone.

Tart on sale, two for one!

Simultaneous telephone climaxes; distant lovers reunited.

Heart thumping toe curling Hitachi monster

Electric vibrator squeezing gspot squirt ensues

Mind-blowing passion-filled self-righteousness

Furious fornicating fuels fantastic fucking feeling

Primal grunting, humping with abandon

Phalangeal jackhammers deconstruct my sexual prudence

Animalistic, ritualistic, twisted, never ending high.

Weasels slowly rend my flesh, pleasantly

“Get the dogs off the bed!!!”

Shameless act of fury between mammals

Screaming hours soaked sheets stripping FUN!!!

Everything pounding. Thump, thump, thump . . . ahhhhhhhhhh!

Yeah keep doing that right there

Toe curling stir-crazy uninhibited dream

Sneaky creeping implosion of hovering warmth

Lips, tongue, fingers ~ warm crashing waves

Warm… wonderful… wet… wanton…  wankin’… wave

Holy mother fucking shit i’m coming

Limb tingling, breath stopping, roller coaster

Stargate rocket explosion wolven caveman attack

Like Carrie when the bucket drops

Tense, twitchy, toe tingling, throaty, tumescent

Intense, heart-pounding, muscle numbing, piercing, vivid.

Breath catches. Muscles tense. Infinity begins.

Joyously frightening tightening snowball effect experience

Full body, gasping, wailing, language lost

Mind-numbing warm rush of love shudders

Deep body quakes again and again….

Uncontrolled flowing waves from my center

Honeyed ecstasy: like the tide swelling

Spiritual katrina, gladly felt levies break

Alive pressure built release relief bliss

Oh where is the off switch

Just like that – BAM! Now floating…

Floating, sinking, out of body experience.

I burn in joy, in light

Total, tremendous, tingling torrent of triumph

Best feeling humans can have….ever!

Self-indulging out-of-body intoxication

Toe curling, breath stopping, headache inducing

Pain and euphoria in beautiful alignment.

My vagina gasps for breath, mercy

Clit so swollen, can’t even touch

Magical heavenly touches, tongue tasting myself

Intense crimson leg-cramping deep quickie

My calf muscles always cramp after

The world stops spinning, I’m pulsating.

Calf chilling, cunt glowing, perma-smile, stillness

Primal draining intense life altering moment

Can’t breathe. Can’t move. Perfect Sunday.

I totally just *had* an orgasm!

Delightfully big ‘ol sloppy wet messiness.

Please don’t let me go yet

Two hours well spent. Two more?

Ahhh, again, again, again, again! Another.

Please may I? THANK YOU DADDY!

Like a slice of chocolate cake

Like biting into a peppermint patty

Makes me sleepy like Thanksgiving dinner.

So much better than counting sheep

Relaxing tuck into bed and zzzzz

Stunning blindness, I just let go.

Wait, that was it? Oh well…

Toys Shops I Know & Love: Comfort Zone

I am a very lucky woman. I get paid to visit and care for sex shops all over North America. One shop that won my heart is Comfort Zone in College Park, MD.

From the outside it looks like a regular adult store with a progressive edge. Once you enter the door  it’s a surprisingly safe space like the name suggests.

The store is packed, two stories, floor to ceiling with good stuff! Immediately you see aisle after aisle of lingerie of every size and style. To your left you will find body products, vibes and lubes. You’ll also be greeted by a staff member who will deliver “the rules.”

I am not a lover of rules in general, but take a good listen to what they have to say and you might enjoy this shop as much as I do. The rules include no phones, no photos and a request to respect your fellow shoppers.

As a person who has frequented the most beautiful sex boutiques in the world and the stickiest arcade style stores ever created, I can tell you a person of the female persuasion can be menaced in any shop. It’s so nice to be in a space where they recognize this reality and aggressively enforce an individuals safety.

Mix that with a large selection of products, from pricey perfection to inexpensive pleasure tools– and everything in between– and I could not be happier!

My last public presentation at Comfort Zone was my BDSM Beginners class. You can see by my photos that beyond the soft basics, they also have awesome taste in quality kink.

I’ll be at Comfort Zone again this Sunday (4/26/15) at 3pm. You are very invited to meet me there! Details here.

Leather harnesses.
You’ll find mainstream brands and custom made harnesses. All hand selected for quality.
Silicone paddles by Tantus and handmade floggers.
Wall of floggers.
Wall after wall of beautiful BDSM gear. The toy walls are just and long and packed with goodies!
Wall of gags.
Gags, collars and restrains. Yum.
Pipedream silicone gag.
I recently found and fell in love with the silicone gag by Pipedream. Easy to clean, no taste or smell and a locking buckle that makes the most amazing sounds when being buckled into place.
Teddy bear wearing a ball gag.
Shut up, bear.

Sex & Violet Hemp Rope

twisted monk rope

It can be simple and quick. A few loops and knots and you are pinned to the bed. Or it can be slow and methodical. The bound partner falls into space where they tugged, pulled and turned as rope wraps, loops and works around itself and their body. The partner who ties the rope forces vulnerability, patience and trust.

Bondage is an intimate experience and it can be so beautiful. Handmade rope by Twisted Monk will ensure that beauty. Crafted with care, the ends are stitched in a style called “French Palm and Needle.” This rope is lovely from end to end. There are many shades to choose from  Sex & Violet is my favorite shade (a purple with lots of depth.) Prices vary and are based on length, thickness and special request. If you are new to rope I highly suggest the Curiosity Kit. It comes with plenty of rope, safety scissors and an instructional DVD.

For more information read Rope Bondage Basics: How To Choose The Right Rope for Your Needs, a blog post I wrote for


Fetish Fantasy Elite Fantasy Love Mask

Here’s a little number that surprised me! The Fetish Fantasy Elite Fantasy Love Mask is lightweight in the box and the packaging does not do it justice… but open it up and you find a soft, well designed blindfold. It hugs your cheekbones and brows without putting pressure on your eye lids. The high center curve that sits at the bridge of your nose means there is no pressure on your nose and there is no peeking and spoiling of surprises!

Beyond comfort and design, it’s also made of 100% silicone! This means you can clean it. An issue often overlooked is that if you plan to share your blindfold with a lover or at a play party, it’s an easy way to share eye infections. And if you are amask2 professional in the dominance and submission world, having a silicone blindfold is a perfect way to care for others.

  • Made from 100% medical-grade silicone.
  • Phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous, and h ypo-allergenic.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Fits most sizes.

The mask and straps are made of a thin silicone. The straps are adjustable and feature a easy on, easy off clip. This blindfold will not last forever but is well worth the price simply for how luscious and sexy it feels and how easy it is to clean. Buy it from for just $9.99.


Ohare Vibrating Silicone Cock Ring

The Ohare is just one of many new innovating inventions from Screaming O. I love this one in part because it has the cute factor of being a rabbit (a proven design, where the ears reach for both sides of the clitoral head perfectly) but is still masculine enough for the gruffest lumberjack. And once you start playing, the possibilities are endless!


  • Put his whole package through both rings for more restriction. (Read more about How to Choose & Use Cock Rings.)
  • Wear the smaller  ring on the shaft and the larger ring around the balls.
  • Pop it on your strap on cock for more sensation during harness play.
  • The vibe can point toward her clit during intercourse.
  • The vibe can be flipped and push against his perineum.
  • Pull the vibe out of the ring and pop it in your purse, pocket or glove box.

Three-speed vibe. Silicone that is soft, stretchy and body safe.  Wireless. Waterproof. Batteries included. Comfortable for both partners. Just $15.99 from


Best of 2014: Pure Aluminium Large Silver Vibe

The Pure Aluminium Large Silver Vibe blew my mind. There is nothing like it. Those are no small words coming from a woman who has access to anything that hits the market, due in part to the fact that this year I joined the buying team at a major sex toy distributor.

When I first acquired my Pure Aluminium piece I was skeptical. I was slow to even try it. It sat in my pile of “sex toys to do” for far too long. The day I finally went for it was memorable. The vibe is strong. The pleasure was all there. And when it was all over the toy was HOT! So hot in fact that I opened it up to see if the batteries had overheated. Nope. It was just the exterior of the toy, radiating my own body heat.

Sleek, beautiful and built for fun, I love everything I have encountered in the Pure Aluminum line. Do it! Get one! Go! Buy it for $41.99 at

  • Warms up with your body or can be chilled in the fridge for sensation play.
  • Made of Aluminium and totally body safe.
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.
  • 3 speeds of vibration.
  • Batteries included.


  • Length: 7.25″
  • Diameter: 1.25″ (3.2 cm)

Platinum Premium Silicone Mini-Smooth

The Platinum Premium Silicone Mini-Smooth is a plug I can’t stop talking about! With this toy Doc Johnson managed to make a very high quality, beautifully designed silicone toys at a price that is so affordable! It’s smooth, soft and perfect for beginners or those who like more gentle play and ideal for warming up your booty for something larger. Made of matte, high grade, 100% silicone and features a base that is contoured for comfort.

doc johnsons Platinum Premium silicone mini=smooth

For some unknown reason these plugs seem to be a well kept secret. I only know of three adult stores that even carry this stunning little beginner plug – Sugar in Baltimore, Comfort Zone in College Park, MD and Shevibe online.

• Soft, smooth & flexible
• High grade silicone
• Phthalate-free, hypoallergenic and healthy
• Easy to clean
• Made in America

• Insertable Length: 3″
• Diameter: 1″ at largest point



One of ten Ducky DooLittle’s Sex Toy Choice Awards: Best of 2014 I am spotlighting this year…

The Limon is smooth, silicone, rechargeable, waterproof that has gone into high rotation in my life. As the name implies it’s about the size of large lime. I love how the vibration increase the harder you press against it. The highlights:


  • Lightly pinch it between your thighs if you are looking to ramp up excitement.
  • When you are ready to orgasm, press it hard against your clit.
  • Super comfortable to hold against her body during intercourse. The harder you press the more sensation she receives.
  • Body safe, non-toxic materials.
  • Simple light-up  magnetic/USB charger.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Easy toy to toss a carry on  bag and travel with as well.

Just a simple, high end lovely toy. Well worth $119 from


Safer Sex Chart

For more information on prevention, testing, symptoms and treatments please visit Planned Parenthood.

If your partner is infected, you might get… Cut your risk by…



Phone sex
Computer sex
Hugging & cuddling
Dry sex & heavy petting through clothing.



Kissing Common cold, flu, hepatitis B & HSV-1. Get a hepatitis B vaccine.
Mutual masturbation If your hands are free of cuts and ouches, minimal risk. Use lube, gloves, dental dams or plastic wrap.
Mouth on pussy or cock, with condoms and dental dams. Leaves you vulnerable to HSV-2 and HPV if they are outside of the area covered by your condom or dam. If you see a lesion or open sore on your partner, avoid sex until they have seen a doctor to address the situation.



Your hands and fingers in a vagina or butt. If you have any cuts or scratches on your hands leaves you vulnerable to hepatitis B, HSV-2, HIV & HPV. Use lube with gloves or a condom over your fingers to protect yourself.
Mouth on cock. Giving, unprotected. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HIV, HSV-2 (rare), syphilis, shigella & HPV. Use a condom.
Mouth on cock. Receiving, unprotected. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HSV-2, syphilis & HPV. Use a condom.
Mouth on pussy. Giving, unprotected, when she does not have her period. Gonorrhea, HIV, HPVHSV-2, & syphilis. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap.
Mouth on pussy. Receiving, unprotected. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HSV-2, syphilis & HPV. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap.
Mouth on butt, receiving. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HSV-2,  HPV, syphilis, crabs, scabies. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap.
Mouth on butt, giving. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C,  HSV-2,  HPV, syphilis, crabs, scabies, amebiasis, cryptosporidium, giardia, & shigella. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap.
Ejaculate in eyes or nose. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HSV-2, & syphilis. Move your face away from their cock.
Ejaculate on vulva. Pregnancy, chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, HSV-2, HIV, HPV, & syphilis. Use a condom.



Vagina/penis sex, unprotected. Pregnancy, chlamydia, gonorrhea, crabs, scabies, hepatitis B, trichomoniasis, HSV-2, HIV & HPV. Use a condom and lube.
Anal sex, giving or receiving unprotected anal sex. Gonorrhea, crabs, scabies, syphilis, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, syphilis, NGU, HSV-2, HIV & HPV. Use a condom and lube.
Mouth on pussy. Giving unprotected, when she has her period. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, HSV-2, HIV & HPV. Use a dental dam or plastic wrap.
Penis or toy going from anal to oral, sometimes called “ass to mouth.” Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, HSV-2, HPV, HIV, & syphilis. Use a new condom for each sex act.
Swapping fluids by way of sharing sex toys. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, trichomoniasis, HSV-2, HIV & HPV. Keep each person’s toys separate or cover toys with condoms.